Since I started my podcast I have helped others start their own podcast. This book is a resource for people at any stage in their podcasting experience.

The first section teaches about getting started and ideas to consider before starting. The reader will learn about solo and interviewing podcasts. Giving them ideas about each before deciding which to start. I give insight into my writing process for each episode. The chapter goes into the episode outline process and how I find episode ideas. In another chapter, I discuss story-telling. The elements of a good story and how to develop story-telling skills.

The second section goes over growing a podcast audience. Most of the section is about the several methods a host can use to grow their podcast audience. After the growth methods, there is a chapter about the types of a host should track. In the final chapter, readers will learn how to make money with their podcast.

The final section is about actions a host can take after podcasting for years. A seasoned podcast host can gain from the growth of the podcast industry. Then, I added some tips that did not fit anywhere else in the book. The book ends with podcasting ethics.

The book can be pre-ordered here for $10