May 7, 2020

How to Live Stream A Podcast

A host can create more content for their audience by live streaming episode recordings. Streaming is an opportunity for a host to strengthen their relationship with listeners. In this blog post host will learn how to live stream a podcast.

How to Live Stream A Podcast

When a host has grown an audience for their podcast, the audience will want more content from the host. A host can create more content for their audience by live-streaming episode recordings. Streaming is an opportunity for a host to strengthen their relationship with listeners. A host can answer audience questions and give them an inside look into the podcast. Streaming is an opportunity to grow the audience for the podcast as new people see a host's content. To start, live-streaming does not take much more equipment and software for a host. A host has most of the necessities to start already.

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Why Live-stream Podcast Recordings

Easy Method To Create Content For Fans

Live-streaming is one activity hosts can do to create content. A host can let their audience see them in a different medium. There is not much extra equipment and software that a host needs to add to get started. Getting started can be as easy as turning on one program and the built-in camera on a computer.

Can Create Content For Multiple Platforms At Once

A live-stream can be broadcast to multiple platforms at the same time. A host can use software to stream on several different platforms at once. This maximizes the potential amount of viewers for the stream and the podcast.

Reach New Audience

When a host streams, they are introducing themselves to a new audience. If the viewers like their content, they will become supporters of a host's other work.

Give Current Audience A Behind The Scenes Look

During a live stream, a viewer gets to see how the podcast gets made. They will see a host's notes, the software used, and any editing. Some listeners may like the behind the scenes look, they may become more loyal to a podcast.

Live-Stream Setup

To live-stream a podcast episode, a host needs equipment and software. The first software needed to stream is screen recording software. The software gives viewers a visual for a live-stream.

Then, a host needs to find a service to connect the software with the streaming service. The service will give a host the ability to live-stream on multiple platforms.

The equipment for live-streaming is a microphone and a camera. To get started, a host can use the built-in camera on their laptop. The camera is to show themselves on the stream. This is not necessary, but viewers like to see a streamer's face. A host needs a microphone to communicate with the audience. A host should already have a microphone.

How To Live-Stream Podcast Recordings

Promote It Before

To maximize the number of viewers for a stream, a host can promote the fact that they will be streaming soon. A host can post on social media with a link or in their favorite community. When a host starts to stream, people can watch the stream. A host can tell their audience that they will be streaming in ~30 minutes.

Promote It As The Stream Goes Live

Some services will create posts on social media for users. A host can set up a service to create posts on social media every time they live-stream.

Keep Consistent Schedule

Try to stream on the same days at the same time. The people interested in watching the stream do not have to guess when the stream will start. The same viewers will be able to share the stream with friends and let their friends know when to tune in.

Allow Time For Questions Before And After Recording

Letting viewers ask questions before recording an episode allows them to feel active. A host cannot interact with viewers during the recording of the podcast. Setting time aside before and after will make up for that.

Explain What Is Going On During Stream

To keep viewers interested in the stream, they need to know what is going on. Let them know by talking throughout the stream. The conversation does not always have to be about the actions during the stream. A host can explain why they are doing something. They can discuss what other methods they have tried. Or asking the viewers questions about their current actions.

How To Promote Live-Streams


A host can give away an item of value to viewers of the stream. Only discuss the giveaway on the stream. This will keep viewers coming back to find out the results. The prize of the giveaway can be simple such as a shirt or stickers.

Check Statistics

Streaming platforms will give statistics. Statistics show when the peak of the stream happened, or the max watched minutes. These statistics can help a host determine how to improve the viewing experience.


Some directories will list different streamers in categories. For a host adding takes a few minutes.

Tips For Live-Streaming Podcast Recordings

Throughout The Stream Ask If People Have Questions To Keep Them Engaged

People will stop watching a stream if the stream gets boring. To keep viewers on the stream, ask the viewers questions. The questions can be anything from "How's your day?" to "Have you ever watched one of my streams before?" The questions will give a host material to discuss during the streams. Instead of going over their actions during a stream. Which they may have discussed in previous streams.

Visual Element To Catch Attention

There are many streams to watch for stream viewers. A host should catch their attention to get viewers to watch. Adding a visual element to their stream could catch attention. The host could wear a colorful wig or add a weird background. These will catch the attention of the viewers. As well as not take away from the audio content during production.

Some People Will Only Stay For A Couple Seconds

Some viewers will click on a stream and immediately leave right after. This might confuse a host that is new to streaming. These types of viewers are only poking their heads in to see what the stream is about. It is similar to when someone watches a TV show for a few seconds then changes the channel.

Nothing Embarrassing Is In The Background

If a host chooses to show their face during a stream, they should check the camera's view before going live. A host might be streaming in their home. A host might have something they don't want viewers to see behind them. This can be anything from dirty laundry to sensitive information. By looking at the view of the camera, a host can hide everything before starting the stream.

Address Users Specifically To Get Them To Engage

Some apps will display a viewer's username. Using this app could help a host engage with viewers. When a username shows up on the stream, a host can start to address that viewer. Asking them questions such as "how is your day going?"

The point of streaming is to get the viewers to see a host's other content, such as their podcast or website. On some streaming platforms, a host can add links to other content at the bottom of their channel. A host should fill out that part of their channel to maximize views to their other content.

Make Sure Guest Is Fine With Podcast Being Live-Streamed

Before recording with a guest, a host should get permission to live-stream the episode. Not getting permission could cause problems for a host down the road. Asking beforehand prevents the likelihood of problems with the live-stream or recording.

Watch Other Streamers

Listening to get podcasts will make a host better. The same principle applies to live-streaming. Watching other streamers, a host will get ideas that they can take and use for their streams. How does a host find streamers with similar content? Join communities for streamers and ask around. Or check the directories for streamers.


Hard To Engage With Viewers While Recording The Podcast

When a podcast is being recorded, a host is most likely focusing on their outline of the content. Which can make it difficult to engage with viewers during the stream. It can be difficult to get viewers to watch the stream during the recording. To solve this problem, a host can stream while uploading the podcast to the podcast host. Which will allow a host to engage with viewers.

No Podcasting Category On Streaming Platform

The majority of content on streaming platforms is video games. Video games are visually stimulating. There is not that much going on with visuals during a podcast recording. That is why many stream viewers will watch a video game over a podcast recording. At the same time, it is difficult for a host to categorize their podcast. There is no podcasting category to choose from streaming platforms. The people willing to watch a podcast recording will not be able to find the live-stream.

Comedians And Live-Streaming

Comedians will live-stream Q&A sessions with fans. Allowing fans to get to know them on a personal level. Some comedians live-stream their podcast episodes too.


Live-streaming was not created with podcasting in mind. A host can still use it to grow and strengthen the bond of their listeners. In the grand scheme, live-streaming is simple to do but can have a lasting impact for a host.


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