July 29, 2020

Donating Profits of the Podcasting Book

I will be donating some of the profits of my podcasting book to a local organization.

Donating Profits of the Podcasting Book

I will be donating a part of the "What's the Deal With Podcasting?" profits. I will be donating $1 for every sale of the eBook and the bundle.

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The money will go to Occur. The organization helps small businesses. People of all ages get technical training. Children learn programming skills such as Python. Adults learn how to use programs like Excel or QuickBooks. The older generations learn how to use smartphones and other similar technology. The organization is a local organization in Oakland.


If anyone from an organization thinks that their members will benefit from the book, they should reach out to me. I will create a discount code for the organization.

Anyone who contacts me personally will be given a discount code of their own, no questions asked.


I will be streaming the donation process. Every time I donate money to the organization, I will stream that process. I have created a process to track the sales of the book and the bundle. I used Zapier to connect Gumroad to Google Sheets. Every time a sale is made a row is added to the Google Sheet. People can keep track of how many sales of the book are made. Which is the amount of money that I will donate.


In times like these, I know every little bit helps. I’m glad to be in a position to help members of my community. Especially, if it helps to stimulate the economy. At the same time, I want anyone who wants to read the book to have that ability.


The book is available for purchase here.