July 23, 2020

The Benefits Of Podcasting

If you're on the fence about starting a podcast, read about some of the benefits.

The Benefits Of Podcasting

Some people may be worried about starting a podcast. While the benefits may take some time to show up, the number of benefits is significant. For the average person, there is no drawback to starting a podcast. In this chapter, I will go over the benefits that I have discovered from podcasting.

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Grow Your Network


Listeners will reach out to a host. Listeners have an interest in the podcast. They may give advice that will improve the podcast. They might share the podcast. Listeners that reach out want the podcast to succeed.


When a host interviews, the interviewee joins the host's network. The interviewee will promote their appearance on the podcast. Which will lead to some of their audience joining a host audience. This will grow the number of listeners. Leading to listeners that might reach out to the host.

Being Interviewed

When a host is a guest, they get introduced to a new audience. Some of the audience will join the host's audience. Which will lead to more listeners of the podcast.

Learn To Be Consistent

Release Schedule

If a host has problems following through or being consistent, podcasting will help. Having a release schedule and listeners will help someone learn to be consistent. If an episode is not released, the listeners will ask for an episode. Which would create pressure on the host to put out content.

No Algorithms

No Sudden Changes

On social media, algorithms control the content. When the algorithms change, someone creating content on the platform may lose views. This is not a problem with podcast players. As soon as in episode gets released, a listener can see it.

Gain Confidence

Releasing Content

Some people do not create content because they are nervous. Some imagine the worst possible reaction from the people that see the content. When the worst-case scenario does not happen, that builds a host's confidence. The host will start to produce more content for their audience. Some hosts might even begin to charge for their content.

Learn Skills


To keep listeners coming back, a host needs to learn how to tell an engaging story. If a host does not make the podcast engaging, they will lose listeners.


A host will learn to write by podcasting. There needs to be a written piece that a host can refer to during the episode. The writing might be a script or an outline. The writing can get used for creating a blog for the podcast.

Podcast Production

Most likely, a host will need to produce the podcast themselves. They will have to learn audio production, set up a podcast, and the process of interviewing.


To get people to listen to a podcast, a host has to promote the podcast. Learning to promote the podcast can translate into promoting other products. When a host is ready to monetize a podcast, they will have an easier time promoting the product.


Make Money

The podcast can be another source of income for a host.

Increase Content Output

Blog Posts

The podcast episodes can get summarized and turned into blog posts. These blog posts will widen the audience of the podcast. Which will lead to more listeners.

Video Clips

The podcast episodes can get edited into video clips. The video clips can get distributed on other platforms such as social media. Increasing the number of people that discover the podcast.

Physical Appearance

No Camera

Some content creation platforms are visual. On those platforms, a host might have to show their face when creating content. This means that they have to watch their appearance and appear more put together. This is not the case with podcasting because there is no camera. Unless a host starts to live stream the podcast.

Learn Consumer Behavior

Learn how to give people what they want

Starting a podcast will help a host learn about their market. Once a host gathers enough information, they can build a product for that audience. If a host has done enough research, they should not have problems getting sales.

Become Known In Industry

The industry will discover the podcast

People in the podcast topic's industry will discover the podcast. People that enjoy the podcast or want to hear more from a host will give them opportunities. Someone might invite them to be a guest on their podcast or speak at a conference. Those invitations might lead to other opportunities for the host.

Archive Of Content

Hearing Progress

There will be a record of every episode that gets added to the RSS feed. When a host is feeling discouraged, they can look back and see all the progress made.

Look into the podcast industry


Podcasting will lead to insights into the industry. If a host does not have a product in mind, having a podcast might help them think of a product to make for podcast hosts. While starting a podcast, a host will be using products. They will find out how to improve the product. They can create their own version.

People will want to interview a host

Former Guests

If a host interviews first-time podcast guests, that guest might get the desire to start a podcast. If they want to start an interview podcast, one of the first people they would ask to be on a podcast is the host. The first guest that I have had on my podcast ask me if I would do an interview when they start a podcast. The audience of a previous guest know the host. The interview is a second chance for the audience to get to know the host.


A host's podcast might be someones favorite podcast to listen to. When that listener starts a podcast, they might invite the host onto their podcast. The listener might be in the same industry as the host. The interview will lead to an introduction to more industry people. Which might lead to more opportunities.

Domain Authority

A podcast episode gets distributed amongst many different podcast players. Any link that is in the show notes will get domain authority from being in the show notes. Some might start a podcast to promote their website. Putting a link to the product in the show notes will increase the search engine ranking. The more domain authority, the more organic traffic the site will gain.

Growing industry

Numbers Up

The amount of podcasts created goes up every month. The more podcast created will lead to more people listening to podcasts. The new podcast hosts will try to get their friends who have not listened to a podcast to listen to their podcast. Once they start to listen to one podcast, they will want to listen to other podcasts. The new podcast listeners might find a host's podcast.

Communication Skills

Improved Communication Ability

A host needs to learn how to express themselves or express ideas. Being recorded while speaking adds pressure to someone. A host needs to know what to say and how to express that thought. If a host can not express themselves, they have to change their though in a reasonable time. There can only be dead air for so long before listeners change podcasts.


Experiment With Content

A host can be experimental with the presentation of content. The order of content can get rearranged from episode to episode. The length of time for a podcast can change for each episode.

The audio content does not need to be in one medium. The audio content can be on a video platform. Another option is to take the podcast and turn it into clips for posting on social media. This is different from social media. On social media, everything looks the same. For some platforms, there is a limit of characters for each post.


Before podcasting, the other audio medium was radio. Starting a radio show takes time and money. Someone wanting to start a radio show cannot start a radio show the same day. For a podcast to start producing audio content, there are lower barriers to entry. All someone needs for a podcast is a mic and an RSS feed.


There are many other benefits that podcasting brings. The longer someone has a podcast, the more benefits the podcast will create.


This post is an excerpt from the Open Podcast Community book. The book is available for purchase here.